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Midlife Dude Blog Featured in Beacon

The Midlife Dude Blog was featured in The Beacon Newspapers, targeted at people over age 50 in the Washington and Baltimore regions, in a story headlined, “Bloggers Share Their Stories” by Carol Sorgen. Sorgen searched for bloggers who write about midlife issues and found MidlifeDude. Here’s the excerpt highlighting the Midlife Dude Blog.

Advice from a “midlife dude”

Adam Gordon Sachs blogs as the Midlife Dude about his kids, divorceAdam-Reb_Dan_LeanAtLake and career changes, among other topics.

Adam Gordon Sachs thought there would be other “midlife dudes” (which is the name of his blog at https://midlifedude.wordpress.com) who might be interested in reading about a 53-year-old man facing a career change, growing kids, divorce and more.

“I’m familiar with that time of life,” said the 53-year-old Columbia resident. “I’ve got a lot of material to write about.”

A former journalist and public relations executive, Sachs is now pursuing a degree in pastoral counseling. He published his first novel last year, titled Three Yards and a Plate of Mullet. It’s about a rookie sportswriter, and is based on his own experiences. He plans to publish another book soon, based on a political campaign.

Writing a blog is not only a way for Sachs to build a following as an author, but also to share his thoughts and experiences on growing older, and to hear from others interested in sharing theirs.

“The Internet has really opened up the world to meeting like-minded people,” Sachs said. “You no longer have to be limited to a five-mile radius.”

Like Collins, Sachs is a self-taught blogger who set up his blog on WordPress. He tries to post consistently, at least once a month, but he doesn’t labor over the writing. “I keep the posts short, perhaps 400 to 500 words, and I write them fast,” he said. “This shouldn’t be painful or stressful.”

Though the blog focuses on personal aspects of his life, Sachs is careful about what he posts. “You have to judge how much personal stuff you want to give out,” he said.

For example, while he doesn’t always ask his kids’ permission to write about them, he does take their feelings into consideration, and doesn’t post anything that would show them in a bad light.

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6 thoughts on “Midlife Dude Blog Featured in Beacon

  1. That’s really cool congratulations on the article!

  2. Adam, (Dude?)

    I’m extremely pleased I found your blog. I recently started a midlife blog and finding other men writing about it has been challenging to say the least.

    Congrats on the publicity and recognition. I hope it helps drives more readers to your blog.



    • Thanks The Real Jon. I’ve been doing the blog somewhat consistently for about 2 years now, it’s slowly growing in followers, views, visitors, etc. There are a lot of topics to write about in this stage of life. I’m a graduate student in counseling and would be interested in working with men facing midlife issues, that’s one of the main reasons I started it. I’ll check out your blog. Thanks for following. By the way, I’m also an author, second book just released in last week. To take a look, search for Adam Gordon Sachs on Amazon, or this link: http://amzn.to/2az9j4O

      • Congrats Adam! That’s awesome (the book…the fact you’ve got a couple years under your belt…that you’re a grad student).

        I’ll definitely check out your books.



  3. Thanks Jon, I appreciate your interest in my books. If you’re a like-minded person and you seem to be from your blog, I think you’ll find them a good read. The novel is humorous, coming of age (New Adult – the period of life just after college), about a rookie sportswriter in backwater FLA. Newest one nonfiction about what it’s like to be an Everyman in a political race. I followed your blog, enjoyed reading your insights and reflections.

    • Thanks for checking out the blog Adam. I’m new to the genre and just figuring out my way around. And then’s there the who self-promotion aspect. If you can avoid being a 57 year-old marketing guy is the earliest adapter you’ll ever meet, and is still 30 years to0 old, I’d highly recommend it.

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